The Fertility Concierge

The Fertility Concierge

You do you. We’ll do the shots.

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Danielle and Lior Geft started fertility treatments in 2014. It was hard. Life became an ominous cloud of syringes, bruises, reconstituting, ice packs, sharps containers, blood work, ultrasounds and the corresponding cumulonimbus of emotion. They decided to change that.

They started TFC for one simple reason: To improve the lives of those going through fertility treatments. Fertility treatments are fraught with uncertainty, doubt and difficulty – TFC makes it better. Our vibrant team of over 60 passionate and compassionate Registered Nurses perform safe and professional medication administration in the comfort and convenience of your home, office, hotel, or wherever you may be. When you can trust and rely on a team of trained healthcare professionals, you can sleep more peacefully knowing your fertility medication is being administered safely, correctly and as painlessly as possible.

At-home concierge service.

You can call us the Uber of fertility, we don’t mind.


Medication Administration
Anytime. Anywhere.

Whether it is at your work, home, or wherever you may be, we offer professional, safe and reliable fertility medication administration by licensed Registered Nurses.  Whatever the hour, our licensed practitioners are readily available to cater to your personalized needs based on your medication schedules.
9am – 9pm: $125 per visit
9pm – 9am: $185 per visit
Trigger Shot after 10:30pm: $250 per visit

Let’s Get Started
Education and Organization

Pages of instructions and boxes of medication are stressful – setting up a treatment schedule that fits your needs alleviates this stress. From how to map out your treatment schedule to fit your routine, to where you should store sharps containers, to what your medication is intended to do, your TFC team provides you with the education and understanding of the medication regimen as well as tools to stay organized throughout the treatment process.  Our experienced medical professionals are here to answer questions, minimize discomfort and make your life better.

Making Fertility Treatments Less Painful Since 2017

Fertility treatments may be a part of your life; they don’t have to be all of it.

For more information, call Jenn, our incredible Director of Nursing, at (312) 877–2135 and/or use the form below.

The Fertility Concierge

Fertility treatments may be a part of your life; they don’t have to be all of it.

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